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Explore Lamole And Our Chianti Surroundings


About La Chiantinelle
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Coco's Perfect Day


I would rise early to stroll in the late mists covering the landscape, and watch the rising sun caress the Tuscan hills, exploding theircolors . I would then enjoy my breakfast out on the terrace. On Saturday, after a stroll in the market, I would walk around the piazza in Greve in Chianti, enjoy its small typical stores, and have lunch in one of the small trattoria. After a wonderful plate of pasta sprinkled with grated fresh white truffle and a glass of Chianti Classico, I would move to the local gelateria for a home-made ice cream. If I’m too tired for the return walk, I can always send an SOS to Jean-Michel, lord of the cars, to pick me up. For a perfect afternoon, a siesta and a book under the big tree down in the garden. For dinner I’d have a candlelit mozzarella and tomato salad with a slice of Pascale's home-made french bread, eat in the garden, and watch one of the world's most amazing sunsets over the hills of vineyards and olive trees.

Chiantinelle Wine, Beauty & Charm

Chianti: Wine, Beauty & Charm


Our Guesthouse is ideally located for access to all of the magnificent activities in Chianti, Firenze and Toscana, such as wine-tasting in the surrounding vineyards or visiting the magical arts city of Firenze. You can also discover the area by hiking or biking around the charming villages and historical sites near our La Chiantinelle, or simply spend an enjoyable day in our quiet garden.

Bunches of Ripe Grape
La Chiantinelle, the ideal choice for your Toscana holiday

There’s So Much To Do Right Around Us

Have your pick of italian food and Chianti wine-tasting or historic visits!

Red Wine Bottle and Glass

Wine & Olive Oil Tasting

All around us are the famous Chianti vineyards and olive orchards, each with its own tasting place. You can drive up and down the Chianti Road to taste or buy your favorite. Being in the center of the Chianti region, our Guesthouse is near it all.


Medieval Villages Around Us

There is an abundance of medieval villages, churches, castles, to visit in Chianti and Tuscany. Around us you will find Panzano, Montefioralle, San Gimignano, Radda in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, to name only a few. We will be happy to help you choose what you will enjoy most.

Handmade baskets

Greve In Chianti

8 km from La Chiantinelle, the town is regional capital of these protected hills, your typical Tuscan village, with its yellow and brown houses, its red awnings, its flowery sidewalks and its quality little restaurants. A charming, relaxing excursion not to be missed.



La Chiantinelle is located 30km from Firenze, City Of Arts & History. If you plan to visit the city, follow Coco's advice in the below link to discover the "must" of Firenze: a little history lesson on Renaissance, the Medicis Family, Art, Architecture, Paintings, Sculptures, Churches, which will ravish you.

Hike and Bike Trails

Hike And Bike Trails

Directly from La Chiantinelle in Lamole, discover all the hiking and mountain bike trails around the most picturesque villages of Chianti. Summer and winter, hike to the famous “Monte San Michele Nature Park”, at 900m high. Take your picnic and go biking all day to discover our beautifully combed vineyards, hills and valleys.

Beach In Vernazza, Italy

Your Beach Day

With a simple 90 minutes drive, you will be on a beautiful mediterrannean Italian beach. Whether it’s sunbathing on a private beach, snorkeling, windsurfing, water-skiing, children fun water activities, or more extreme water sports, you’ll find it all there. We recommend the Pisa Marina with its free beaches.



It was Florence's rival during the Renaissance and also protected artists. The Palazzo Publico, with superb Gothic architecture, contains frescoes by the Lorenzetti brothers The Effects of Good Government; The Effects of Bad Government. Do not miss the Piazza di Campo, in the shape of a scallop shell, with its 11 streets resembling the shell.

Terre De Sienne

What is "Terre de Sienne"

It is first of all a natural brown ocher pigment, exploited in Siena, which painters used until the invention of paint in tubes, at the end of the 19th century, which moreover allowed the birth of the “plein airism” or “impressionism”.



THE FRESCOES OF PIERO DELLA FRANCESCA: In San Francesco d'Arezzo, don't miss the two majestic frescoes illustrating the story of the Holy Cross: a fresco depicting the Queen of Sheba burying the Holy Cross to prevent the fate of Christ. The other fresco facing it shows the Empress Helen digging it up in her search for the relics of the Passion.


Elégance à l'italienne

The Italians take care of their dress code and look. it is recommended that visitors imitate them, especially when visiting churches. Let's avoid shorts and flip-flops, which are the hallmark of careless tourists…

Coco's Pick


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The “castelli” route, of which the town hall of Greve has drawn up an essential map, will take you along small castles with typical Italian architecture: flat roof terraces, often an observation tower, openings in arcades, orange ochres, and maintained gardens planted with cypresses, lemon trees and century-old olive trees.

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The vineyard route, with tastings of course, and I can't guarantee that the trick of swallowing olive oil beforehand will dispense you with light joy, is the big must for Chianti lovers. Once again, rely on the map of the town hall of Greve, nothing better than being guided by the locals.

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Between two seas. This is not one of the Bordeaux, but just our location, 2 hours from the Adriatic on one side, and 2 hours from the Mediterranean on the other. You will have the choice between many beaches, private or not, and you can come back all tanned at Chiantinelle

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Tastings. From time to time Pascale and Jean Michel invite local producers to come and taste their products, whether it’s olive oil, wine, cheese, ham, truffles. You can ask them questions about what interests you and then visit them if you like it.

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Endless hikes, but knowing that you are in a hilly country, you often have to climb. But the roads cross many villages, where you can find something to relax and cool off. You will also be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, cypresses, fields of olive trees, vineyards, wheat…

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The Tuscan landscapes are the sweetest in Italy, it would be them that would have inspired the poets of the region. But to have an extraordinary view of the Chianti, go to Impruneta, 15 kilometers from the Chiantinelle.

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Greve fruit, flower and produce market on Saturday mornings, unless you prefer the San Lorenzo market in Florence, famous for its leather, but it is held every day, due to the tourist crowds.

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Florence, the artistic capital of Tuscany, is 40 minutes by car from Chiantinelle. A bus service also serves the city from Greve, otherwise you will have to call on the lord of the cars, Jean Michel!

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Siena, the eternal Florence’s rival, is a little further, 51 kilometers from the Chiantinelle, but its museum and its square in the shape of a scallop shell are worth the small serpentine road which puts you there in 58 minutes.

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Arezzo. To visit absolutely if you like Renaissance painting, for the frescoes of Piero della Francesca, luminous, frontal, mysterious, as described by André Malraux. It takes an hour's drive for these 61 kilometers, but you won't regret it.

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Churches. You won't take three steps without encountering one. Their pediments are often remarkably worked, their campanile too, and their play on ochres makes them beautiful despite the dust and the years. In the cities, of course, they are well maintained, but the authenticity of the most modest ones, in the middle of the countryside, can be moving.

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Lifestyle. You will quickly notice that the Italians are very elegant, even in the heat. At Passeggiata time, after work, around 5 a.m., they stroll down the main street, greeting each other, chatting, offering ice cream. It is their moment of sociability, and their dress elegance is part of their politeness. Come over too!